Saint Mary's would not be what it is today without those whom have volunteered their valuable time, effort and dedication towards the building of our small club - offering a tradition and sporting ethos that we hold dear to the clubs ongoing fortunes. The contribution, dedication and support of these individuals surpasses active community engagement, with an un-selfish and community orientated attitude. We are truely grateful.

Saint Mary's Life Members: (in no particular order)

  • David Hebbard
  • Cliff Stoneman
  • Robin Gardner (Deceased)
  • Ernie Malham
  • Wayne Collard (Deceased)
  • Steve McGregor
  • John Muscovich
  • William Dawe
  • Maria Muscovich
  • Jimmy Hadfield
  • Greg Liddell
  • John Callaghan
  • Ron Grattan (Deceased)
  • Christine Murphy (Deceased)
  • John Mundy
  • Wayne Williamson
  • Colin Winnell
  • Phillip Challis
  • A. Jones
  • Collin Challis
  • Keith McKenzie
  • Jack Garret (Deceased)
  • Peter O'Keefe
  • Lisa Berrill
  • Peter Dundon
  • Alex Clydesdale (2015)
  • Michael O'Sullivan (2016)
  • Darren Cook (2017)
  • Andrew Collard (2018)
  • Genevieve Pearce (2018)


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