Extract from the St. Mary's Parish Seymour, 100th year anniversary (1890-1990) Booklet, produced in 1990 by Marie Dominguez.

"St. Mary's Football Club was founded during 1944-45 in response to a local church competition. The competing groups were :       St. Mary's, the Church of England, the Presbyterian and Methodist Church.

Father Tom Curran, St. Mary's parish priest was the first president. Fred Brock, a champion Seymour player was appointed coach and remained the coach of the Saints until the club was disbanded many years later. Jack Francis was elected captain and Reg Canning the official goal/keeper umpire. During the years of these churches competitions, St. Mary's won all the premierships. When Father Curran was transferred to Melbourne, Father O'Donnell became the new parish priest and also president of the club.

In 1949 the local church competition disbanded and St. Mary's joined the newly formed Hume Highway League. They acquitted themselves well in matches against strong teams from Euroa, Strathbogie, Longwood, Broadford, Tallarook, Homewood, Yea, Molesworth and Yarck.

During the years of involvement in the new league, St. Mary's was captained by John Corboy, who was a neighbor of the coach Fred Brock, who lived in Victoria Street. Many happy Saturday evenings were spent in these homes after the games irrespective of success or defeat. The playing skills of the St. Mary's team were monitored closely by the senior Seymour club. Consequently many Saints players joined the ranks of the senior football team.

St. Mary's club subsequently disbanded but reformed in later years. Sadly, exact dates are not known. Some of the original members of St. Mary's football team still reside in Seymour, and are as follows: Ron Gratton, Stuart Doyle, John Comte, Joe Youngman, Alan Kerris, John Carli, Pat Corboy, Bill Francis, Les Kerris and Alan Brock.

St. Mary's current Junior Football team plays on Sundays. It is always a strong contender in the competition for the premiership at the end of the season."

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