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St. Mary's Team photos 1991 - 1999.

Apologies for the quality of the 'scans' - the photos are in some cases located in frames where the backing was sealed, and I was not prepared to cause any damage to those frames, so photos of the photos themselves were taken.

** Obviously there are a number of missing years and age groups, if you have any of these, please (pretty please!), let the web administrator know (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), whom can scan these in and put them up for everyone to see. **

 SMJFNC 1991 U15 sm

                                                                    St. Mary's 1992 U/13 Prelim Finalists


 SMJFNC 1992 U13 Prelim Finalists sm

                                                                     St. Mary's 1992 U/13 Prelim Finalists                               


SMJFNC 1993 U11 Premiers sm  

                                                                      St. Mary's 1993 U/11 Premiers


 SMJFNC 1993 U15 sm

                                                                        St. Mary's 1993 U/11 Premiers


SMJFNC 1994 U11 Premiers sm



 SMJFNC 1995 U11 Premiers sm

                                                                        St. Mary's 1994 U/11 Premiers                         


SMJFNC 1995   U13 Final

                                                                 St. Mary's 1995 U/13 - Runners Up


  SMJFNC 1995   U15 Final

                                                                           St. Mary's 1995 U/15


SMJFNC 1996 U11 Premiers and Champions sm 

                                                                            St. Mary's 1996 U/11 Premiers & Champions

SMJFNC 1996 U13 Premiers and Champions sm

                                                               St. Mary's 1996 U/13 Premiers & Champions


SMJFNC 1997 U13 Premiers sm

                                                                              St. Mary's 1998 U/11


 SMJFNC 1998   Under 11   Final 

                                                                       St. Mary's 1997 U/13 Premiers                                   


SMJFNC 1998   Under 13   Final

                                                                                                 St. Mary's 1998 U/13        


 SMJFNC 1998   Under 15   Final

                                                                                                 St. Mary's 1998 U/15